9 Podcasts for IT, Startups and Culture: Choose Yours

In the era of Internet distractions, I find podcasts one of the best sources of knowledge (after books). I seek shows, that educate me in some direction, giving tangible value vs “just story telling”. The following is a succinct list of podcasts that worked for me in three areas of my interest: profession; business; history, culture, science and entertainment.

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash
  • Business. The topics of startups and midsize businesses is a passion of mine in connection with my own startups. Stories in How I built this have been interesting from the guest’s personal journey in business world. It is hard to believe that some of businesses launched were a pure coincidence or even a way out from some tough situation in life. Lately I’ve discovered the podcast by Justin Kan called The Quest. What I particularly like in this podcast is that it is not a typical up-beat type of a show telling you how easy and fun it is to build a successful business. Justin drills into many facets of entrepreneur journey from coming up with an idea, to facing day to day challenges, to exiting and (sometimes!) returning back to their business, offering moral authority (like it happened for Steve Huffman of Reddit).
  • History, Culture, Science and Entertainment. These podcasts are going to be in Russian (my mother tongue). Science Bar Hopping offers a plethora of topics in physics, biology, genetics — and gives you a sneak peek at modern science and specific practical and theoretical problems it deals with today. Arzamas (Arzamas lectures) dives really deep into fascinating topics of philosophy school of Leo Tolstoi vs Fyodor Dostoevsky, and begins with giving Tolstoi’s background and time context, advancing into his thought formation. In the friend’s podcast Беседка с акцентом (Besedka s akcentom, that can be translated as “Pavilion/Gazebo with accent”) I can highlight (it makes me particularly happy to contribute via inviting the guest to the show) the episode with Sergey Dmitriev about ecovillages. Check out all other episodes! And finally, the entertainment podcast called Подcast, inviting you into the life and work of youtube stars of modern Russia, with unique culture, fashion, music, blogging, rap battles, scateboarding, video gaming and so much more.

Founder, tech team lead, software engineer, manager, but also: cat lover and cyclist. Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/@DmitryKan

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