Live from Berlin Buzzwords 2022: Vector Podcast with developers from Weaviate, Jina AI and Apache Solr

Dmitry Kan
1 min readJul 22, 2022

This year Berlin Buzzwords conference has reopened to offline participants for the first time after pandemic started. The conference has adopted the hybrid mode, with all talks streaming online as well. These were 2 active days full of technical talks in 3 main trains: Search, Store and Scale.

I also gave a talk together with Aarne Talman in Search track, in which we have introduced Muves. You can watch it online.

It was an excellent opportunity to record the first “offline” episode of Vector Podcast — with such an amazing pool of speakers, like Laura Ham (SeMI), Florian Hönicke (Jina AI), Etienne Dilocker (SeMI) and Alessandro Benedetti (Sease, Apache Lucene / Solr committer).

Vector Podcast episode with Laura Ham, Florian Hönicke, Etienne Dilocker and Alessandro Benedetti, recorded at Berlin Buzzwords 2022

We have discussed vector search space: databases, frameworks, libraries, directions and open questions under active research, like combining results of neural and sparse retrieval. Each of the guests brings a unique perspective on this field, being practitioners in developing a vector database (Weaviate), neural search framework (Jina) and bringing dense retrieval into a sparse search engine (Apache Solr).

Watch the whole episode on YouTube:

And enjoy your summer (or winter, in case you are in the Southern Hemisphere)!



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