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In his book on communication secrets “Five Stars” Carmine Gallo talks about SCARF — acronym reflecting the foundation of high-performing organizations introduced by David Rock.

More so when we are remote, but also when we are in the office (hopefully someday!) we care for being connected, recognized, supportive and good team players. What makes a good team truly good for all of us? I’d like to share a little Slack app with you to try out and improve your team and company culture — Wowwlr. But first, let’s see what are the integral components of a high-performing team.

Enable your team to rock

Rock presents a system of values, that differentiate a great place to work from a mediocre one. These values are considered on individual level, summing into a greater big in an organization.

Status — this value is about being valued! And conversely — if we are unfavourably getting compared to someone else, we don’t like it. Commonly it is believed, that salary and bonuses is the only working way to increase status, or the feeling of being valued. However, there are other, less costly — and I’d argue more efficient in a long run, ways. For instance, praise — genuine and specific. Wowwlr is all about showing recognition to your colleagues and this improves status of both parties in the win sending.

Certainty — Not knowing makes people disengaged and negatively affects on their memory, performance and energy. Rock’s solution: share more. He advises to communicate plans, make decision making transparent and show how individual contribution connects to a larger picture. With this knowledge, you feel more certainty and have more meaning in your professional life. Gallo described a case with CME Group closing their outcry pits where in-person trading was done, because of the transition to electronic trading. Traders started to miss the roar and employees of CME Group were confused. The management decided to explain the reasons for making this transition and established a practice of creating videos where management shares the direction, vision and introduces company leadership on personal level. One idea behind Wowwlr is sharing information via recognizing, creating the buzz of your company, even if it is geographically distributed.

Autonomy — People want to have a feeling of control of their lives, and this extends to work environments. This feeling is connected with autonomy, which when increased — reduces stress and increases joy at work. This can boil down to as simple things, as managers letting their team members make their own choices.

Relatedness — When you see a new person, your ancient brain kicks into threat and survival mode. And all you want to do is recognize an enemy or a friend in this person. Rock says, that when people make a strong social connection, it triggers a release of oxytocin, a chemical in your brain that increases bonding level. The question remains: how to do this efficiently in remote, distributed office settings? Wowwlr contributes a lot into generating oxytocin when reading a win sent to you. You also feel connected when your impulse is to praise a colleague by sending a win to them. And a weekly win digest makes you feel related to what is going on in the company, making you an active part of something bigger and meaningful.

Fairness — we were created as creatures, for which being treated fairly is of high importance. And this is connected to trust level, which naturally contributes to team and company performance. If I think that I’m not treated fairly compared to others in the group, this can make me more hostile to the environment and decrease trust. Transparency serves fairness: share frequently what is about to happen with your staff and this will increase motivation and engagement. When you recognize everyone’s effort fairly — you increase the fairness for the entire team.

Wowwlr is a free Slack application, that can be found in the App Directory:

I hope it is useful for you and your team — feel free to reach out and share your experience!

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